Saturday, January 10, 2009

A touch of Class

Finished up another ring sling gift last night. 'Aunt' Karen is going to keep me sewing, CPSIA or bust :) I love love love the look of black and white, so classy and timeless!! It was a bit cold outside today so I had to go about modeling this just a bit different... plus, I was afraid that if I put it on with Madeline I'd fall in love and be forced to keep it in my own stash. Instead, I brought out my lovely 25 year old model (the doll, not the mannequin) Such a sweetie isn't she? Want to know the BEST part of this sling?? Linen is 60" wide and I bought a yard of the 'Diamond Eye' fabric so I have enough to make me one too. Woohoo!!


Special thanks to Jan Andrea and Celg for their awesome tutorials. This was a new shoulder-style for me and those two made it super easy to understand!


  1. Hi! It's Cel (the tutorial maker lol) It came out awesome. Love the color combination. Congrats!


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