Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dora the Explorer

A friend's daughter is about to celebrate her 3rd birthday and as a certified dora fanatic I'm sure she'll love to wear Dora & Boots! I made this using several different patterns. The pinafore top is reversible and features a dora applique on the solid pink side. It looks like I'll have to miss her party but I hope she loves it. I wish I had a manaquin to model my clothes... maybe her mama will get a cute picture of her in it so you can get a better idea of how the top looks!


Designer Hospital Gown

Okay, I can't be the only woman who hates the standard hospital gowns. You know the ones.... 20 sizes too big, blue and ugly? I've begun nesting and decided to make my own gown. Thanks to google I found a great free pattern for hospital gowns. Downloaded it and printed it then headed off to good 'ol Hobby Lobby to find some fabric. A print caught my eye pretty quickly so I scooped it up (on sale no less!) and came home to sew! About an hour later I had my own custom (and proper fitting) hospital gown! Now, I just hope CLRH doesn't burst my bubble by not letting me wear it. I made sure it even had snap shoulders for easy mmaneuvering around IV lines! And yes, that is a matching headband. By gosh, I may be a woman in labor, but I'm gonna look good at the same time!

Action Shots:
You can see more of our special day by watching her slide show

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Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm a Cowboy Baby

Just another baby gift - OSU Cowboy Blanket, Diapee/Wipee and burp rag. After searching for a few weeks for the perfect trim I gave up and decided that I'd make my own!! My ruffle foot wasn't nearly as complicated as I had always thought! I loved being able to make my own ruffle!! Didn't think this was too girly :) I also got brave and added an appliqued 'C' on the back... Hope you enjoy it baby Cooper!