Friday, November 28, 2008

Gobble Gobble Gobble

Doesn't miss MJ look adorable with her turkey clip? Someday she'll have hair but for now all I can do is the headbands. Her JoeJoe can't stand all the frilly bows, but he thought this was okay :) Of course, she's already cute enough, but that lil turkey just made the day!


Go LHS!!

I finally finished up the Lubbock high outfit I was making for a friend. I've been anxiously holding off on showing the whole thing until I had given it to her. So for those who enjoyed the sneak peak... here it is in all it's black and gold glory!!!


This is what the undershirt looks like... it is not the cutest lil cheerleader ever?

She loves me Knot!

I have fallen in love with the new knot dresses. I especially like the ones made from hodge podge fabrics. This one was extra special - It was made with love for a super cute Texas Tech Fan! I can't wait to see pictures of the little princess sporting this at the games! It's pefect to wear in cold weather with a turtle neck and leggings or as-is during the summer months! The pattern was very simple and I look forward to making many more as Madeline gets bigger!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Boobie Bibs :)

I've finally begun working on my nursing cover stash and hope to get them listed in my Etsy store soon, very soon! Until then, here's a few of my favorites!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crayon Apron

I made this crayon apron for a dear friends little girl - I thought it'd make a great 2nd birthday present since she loves to color! I'm always nervous when giving anyone homemade gifts - I just never know how they will be received. It's hard to put a lot of time, effort and love into a project just to have the recipient put it away. Well, I'm pretty sure this mama loved it! In fact, so did big sis. Good thing the fabric requirements were so generous - I have enough to make another one. That will have to wait until after Thanksgiving though :) So, I think that's about it for my marathon blogging - Off to sew some more!!


And yes, her name is hand embroidered on to the waist band.

Gonna be warm and cozy!

Last week a cold spell passed through and I realized that Miss Madeline doesn't have a jacket or sweater, not that you need them much in Houston. We're going to Perryton for Thanksgiving and it's been known to snow! I browsed some of the local consignment shops, but of course they were all empty - seems I wasn't the only mama missing warm outer wear!! Aiden is set - Gigi picked him up a light jacket and coat on an end-of-season clearance but Miss Madeline was left to be cold :) I had seen the Cute As A Button Jacket Patternbefore at my local quilt shop but never thought much about it until I needed a coat! Oh my gosh, that had to have been the easiest thing I've ever sewn!! I highly recommend this pattern and have no doubt that even a beginner sewer could figure it out! I would suggest adding length - it's really short. Not going to make a huge difference on an infant, but when I make it again in the bigger size, I will be making it MUCH longer. The buttons I got this week at JoAnn's are too big, so I'll have to exchange them this weekend. But how it this??? I used baby corduroy and some snuggly flannel in pink damask! Brown and pink is so shabby chic.

Since it's unsafe, not to mention uncomfortable to have in infant in a coat while strapped in their car seat, I made a Cozie Car Seat Cover to keep in MJ's bucket seat. It's the coolest thing... just snaps in and doesn't interfere with the safety but will keep her warm in the biting panhandle wind!

(How cute is my model?? Would you believe me if I told you that is an original Cabbage Patch?! - yup, that lil lady is 25 years old!!!)

Marathon Sewing for the awesome MG!

So, my good friend Misty Green from MG Studios asked me to make her girls matching (coordinating)outfits for their family pictures. We started this project in JULY!!! Just about the time we finally picked out a fabric and patterns, IKE decided to pay us a visit. Once we were settled back into life I was swamped. Well, I procrastinated a bit too :) The photographer who was supposed to take their family picture had to cancel due to an ill husband - so that bought me another week or two! Well, I FINALLY got them finished up and mailed. Misty called me while she was opening the package and I was a nervous wreck... She lOVED them... until she got to Emmy's skirt... *sigh* it's only about 9000 inches too long *sigh* and it's the one I worked the hardest on :( I guess I'll rip out all my beautiful ruffles and shorten it. Seems that Misty did tell me that I was going to have to cut a bit off - but sheesh, that was in August and I didn't even starting working on them till November - I slept a bit since then :) Again, I waited till the last minute, so I don't even have good pictures - no sweat - Misty's a photographer so I know she'll hook me up *wink wink*

Anyway, here are 3 of the 4 outfits!!


Miss Abby

Miss Mandy

Miss Emmy

Miss Tori's is missing but it was a super cute a-line top with ruffle decoupage jeans! I even used my automatic buttonholer for the first time - go me! :)

Birdie Sling! by Amy Butler

I fell IN LOVE with the Amy Butler Birdie Sling the moment I saw it. I purchased the pattern with some of my birthday money but have not had a minute to make one! Well, at least one for myself. Aunt Karen commissioned me to make one for her daughter-in-law's baby shower! It's a great diaper bag - holds a ton but doesn't SCREAM diaper bag. Super cute and very stylish! It was difficult to pick fabric for someone that I barely know, but I went with an ultra-modern home decorator print - Chocolate brown with turquoise stripes. It turned out stunning - even if I did get very friendly with my seam ripper! I am mad at myself to procrastinating so long with this project. I finished it less than 1 hour before I was to be at the shower so the pictures were very rushed and do NOT do this beautiful bag justice. The good news? Since decorator fabric is so wide, I have enough to make myself one!!!! Yeah! Now the bad news? I can't seem to find the time!!! *sigh* someday....


Adjustable Double Ruffle Headband

I was a tester again for YCMT and was give the adjustable double ruffle headband to try out. It's super easy and adorable -so you mama's with little girls need to check it out once the directions are released. My test isn't completely finished, but I had gotten far enough that I could take pictures and give a review for the author. Madeline was helping me sew tonight and Aiden wanted his picture taken every time I got my camera out. Funny from a little guy that usually runs when he sees the camera! See that doll that Madeline is teething on? I thought I’d try my hand at a Little Whimsy Mae Doll - it seemed easy enough - I even had intended on trying the John Doll Well, I think I’d better just stick with sewing clothing – we’ll leave the doll making to people who are actually good at it! One pig tail was put on upside down and her face is totally not round. I didn’t do so hot in geometry, but I’m pretty sure her face isn’t even a recognized shape!! Alas, Madeline enjoys sucking on it – so I guess not all is lost!!


Miss Madeline Dress

I found this pattern on my favorite websiteand of course, I just had to make it! The pattern is called Miss Madeline and it's as easy as it is cute! I wanted MJ to have a cute dress to wear to a baby shower and it took me less than 2 hours from start to finish - that includes the "">bloomers :)


A sneak peek

A dear friend of mine asked me to make her daughter some new clothes - she wanted something for LHS Westerners and Texas Tech but left it completely up to me to come up with something! I love having that kind of freedom! Here's a sneak peek at what I've done so far! I'll revel the final products after I give them to Hannah at Thanksgiving!


This is a sneak of what's to come with the TT outfit...

A little bit of LHS tease :)

Going sew crazy!

Wow! Has it really been 2 months since I've posted??? Keeping up with two small kiddos, a husband and a home doesn't leave much time to craft and edit, much less blog about everything I'm doing! I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water. I did take a few minutes tonight to get caught up on my project pictures, so I'll try to get a few of them posted!

Maybe I should make a new year's resolution now?? Here's to keeping up better!