Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Spy.... Spongebob?

Have you seen the ever-popular I Spy bags? I think they are so cute and love how educational they are. Even my 2 year old likes to play with them! Well, I needed to come up with a birthday present for a friend's 3 year old and thought an I Spy bag would be *perfect*. Then I decided I wanted to incorporate Sponge Bob somehow as the little guy is a big fan of the cartoon. Ah Ha! It came to be at about 2am. Take a plush sponge bob, desconstruct it a bit, fill with trinkets and polly pellets, resew and voila! An I spy Sponge Bob. It really was easy to do. If you try this, I highly recommend re-stitching over all existing seams as the factory job isn't suitable for holding some like pellets that don't need to be in the reach of little kids! If I were to do it again, I would adjust it even more so that the toy was of a flat shape rather than a cube....I think it would make it easier for little fingers to find the trinkets. At any rate, I thought it was cute!



  1. How cool! I have never seen one of those! Does your brain ever stop? The ideas just keep coming and coming and coming! You are awesome!

  2. What an awesome eye-spy bag! How did you do the cover? Could you do a Miffy one?

  3. Earthy,
    I wish I'd taken a before picture. It was actually a stuffed sponge bob by TY. All I did was take it apart, fill it and resew. I'm sure you could do a miffy one... but I'm not sure who Miffy even is :)


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