Friday, January 2, 2009

Felted Food FUN!

I can remember playing for hours and hours with my brother in our pretend kitchen. It was super-fancy 23 years ago and we had every food product there was in our play room. When we moved into town, my dad turned the storage area under the basement stairs into our own kitchen, complete with pantry shelves. Now Aiden is getting to the age where he is wanting to pretend play. At church he likes to use the little tykes kitchen and serve me food. Well, we have NO ROOM in our house for a kitchen set-up like I grew up with, but I thought he could at least enjoy play foods and would really be able to use the table my parent's got him for his birthday. After some searching, I discovered that most play foods available now were either cheap-o plastic junk or expensive wood (read - anything that is easy for Aiden to loose is expensive) I remember some felted food I saw a while back on a forum that I frequent and headed on over to Etsy to see what I could find. I didn't actually find many people selling the finished products, but rather the .pdf patterns for any kind of food you can imagine!! I cannot wait to get started crafting Aiden some pretend food. I love that if he looses any of the parts or tears some up, no biggie... I have the instructions to create it again... so Madeline will get to have the same fun!!! Check out this adorable BBQ Set or the Toaster Set. Who doesn't love Theatre snacks or Pizza I can even make him his own Sack Lunch or Chinese Take Out *sigh* I feel an addiction coming on....I've already discovered these 3 great pattern makers(Gulf Coast Cottage, Ume Crafts, Bugga Bugs)and I know there are bound to be lots more out there!!


By the way, if you're reading this and have a fairly good grasp on blog html code, could you PLEASE help me figure out why my text isn't stying inside of my main wrapper, pretty pretty please. I'm really getting tired of this wonky look and i'm sure visitors are too!!


  1. I got the instructions for creating my own layout from the Cutest Blog on the Block website. I made mine on photoshop...her instructions were very easy and step-by-step!

  2. Try changing your wrapper margins.

    Go down to the section that says outter wrapper.
    Yours is set for 900px.
    Try setting the main wrapper to 750px. & the sidebar wrapper at 135px.

    Be sure that your main wrapper and sidebar wrapper add up to 900px or less.


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