Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Change for America... Is there hope for the CPSIA??

Alright, I'll make no bones about it. I am not an Obama fan. However, since majority of America felt he was right to be the next leader of our nation, I'm just going to sit back and hold on for the ride. Most of you know by now that I've been a bit upset about the CPSIA regulations. I stumbled across a website this evening that is trying to help Mr. Obama truly change America. The top 10 voted on issues will be presented to the new President shortly after his inaguration next week. Right now, the CPSIA regulations ranks at #5! Woohoo. So, here is the chance for him to put money where is mouth is. If he truly wants to change America, here's to hoping that he sees the serious implications that this law has on small business owners in American and realizes that our economy that is already on the brink of disaster cannot handle something like this. I understand the need for safer children's product, really, I do.. But this has gone too far. Lead in baby blankets? Come on... those would be mighty heavy blankets. I see the stupid warnings for the Digital TV transition but I've yet to see anything mentioned about this legilslation on national tv! The government has spent 1.3 billion dollars on the digital tv tranisiton and has now requested an extension because the grant money to help purchase the converter box has run out. Did I mention that that bill was in the works for FOUR YEARS!!! So, the CPSIA has had 6 months and $0 to help anyone... does this not seem wrong to anyone else???!?!?!

"Governments tend not to solve problems, only to rearrange them" - Ronald Reagan

Now, with all that being said, please take a moment to go vote and help keep the CPSIA legistlation in the Top 10 things that need to be changed in America!

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