Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Maybe someday

I wish there was some way to win the lottery without actually having to play... My "want" list for photography is already a mile long and now my "really really want list" for sewing is growing. It's not so long, just more expensive. I began sewing again to be able to duplicate some of the cute burp rags Aiden received as baby gifts and it's really taken off. I don't remember ever loving to sew when I first learned and now I'd almost rather break out my machine instead of my camera and I NEVER thought that'd happen! If I had access to unlimited funds (and really, unlimited space) I'd be all over the new Janome 350e embroidery machine! Especially with having a girl now... my head is always full of cute ideas and that machine would help them all come true... Mike is always saying that I should sell what I make... not a bad idea... Think I could sell enough for that hoss???

oh well, someday... someday...


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