Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another baby gift on it's way.....

This one was super fun to make. It's going to an old friend of mine who has no idea that she'll be getting anything in the mail. In fact, the last thing I made for her was a pan of brownies when we were in junior high! She was in a 4-wheeling accident and I took them over to help her get well (still not sure if they had any egg shells... it was my 1st time making brownies!!) Anyways, she'll be getting hooter hider, 2 burp rags, a diapee/wipee and a super cute outfit from babies r' us that isn't pictured. I hope she likes it! I know she plans on nursing since she's a NICU RN so hopefully the hooter hider will be very useful for her!!


close up of applique on hooter hider

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