Thursday, March 26, 2009

Slowly but surely

Some of you probably thought I'd forgotten about my armoire repurpose project, armoire repurpose project! Well, let me assure you that I haven't. How could I when it was taking up a huge chunk of my husband's garage :) A few weeks ago my little brother came to spend the weekend and I put him to work painting. It was painfully slow so he and Mike decided that spray paint would work just as well! We put it back in the garage to work on later. That later was last weekend. Mike pulled it out of the garage again (it isn't exactly light!) and attacked it with 4 cans of spray pain! It looks so much better! After some sweet talking to a neighbor, they got it moved into Madeline's room. I knew it would be a perfect fit between her double closet doors, but I had NO IDEA how deep that sucker was! It's huge!! Oh well, I need the space so I will just decorate around it. My mom is here visiting this week and she's helping me to get it all organized. The main section doesn't have shelves yet, but I'm working on the drawers. I'm really excited that the exterior of the doors have magnetic paint! I that that stuff is soo cool!!! The inside door with the painter's tape will have a coat of chalk board paint on it in a few days! So, it'll be a magnetic, chalkbard door... perfect for keeping track of upcoming projects! The other door is going to covered in scraps from Mike's peg board in the garage. It'll be great to keep scissors, rulers and other stuff. I plan on making fabric baskets to hold other odds & ends once the shelves are built. I know that not much has been done yet, but just wanted to show that I hadn't forgotten about it :)


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