Friday, March 6, 2009

Kozypal Cart Covers ROCK - 1/2 off Sale!!!

I bought my first kozypal when I was pregnant with Aiden and loved it! I wasn't the germ-freak-first-time-mom but the thought of him sitting in the nasty grocery carts was enough to make my stomach weak. I had just seen the new fabric by Alexander Henry when I discovered Melissa's company. I ordered a custom cover made with the Maxfield print and it was a match made heaven! We've used that thing like crazy!! We used it a lot in restaurant high chairs as well - mainly because it worked as a stuffer when he was too small and wobbled too much. The toy loops are handy-dandy too!

Guess what!!! They are having a 50% off sale!!! From 12pm to 12 midnight, today only!!!

If you have a baby gift to give, I can't recommend these enough. I promise I don't work for Melissa :) They are beautifully packaged and make a wonderful gift! They'll be much longer lasting than onesies and other baby gifts! You can use it until the kiddo no longer rides in the front of the cart!

Now, the reason for the sale was to clear out inventory before they make their big move, so the selection may be a bit slim! However, still go check them out! They're adorable!!


Miss MJ sporting her new cover!!!

Here is Aiden in his. He's just about the same age that MJ is now!!

Click here to go to Kozy Pal and snag your own super-cute cover for 1/2 the price!!!


  1. wow thats one big juice cup little man is holding LOL your kiddos are too cute!!! Love the cover maddie is in!!! Great colors.

  2. I made one of those cart covers last fall for my baby niece. I even used a Simplicity Sewing for Dummy's pattern, but it was such a struggle!
    I'll never make one again, I'll just be buying one for my lil tot someday.

  3. Hi Sarah! Just came by to say hi - I noticed you visited my blog. Thanks so much for coming by. You sew beautifully and I really love the fabrics you use. Your babies are too cute too!


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