Sunday, March 22, 2009

My latest project....

Here's a glimpse at my latest work... can't show the finished project until after the shower! Just thought it'd make a good excuse to post something since it'd been a while :)



  1. AAAAHHHH!! When is the shower? I am dying to see the finished projects. Although I bet so is the Mom to Be

  2. The Suspense!
    You're one crafty gal and I always love to see your creations.

  3. Teresa, this one is actually for a bride-to-be and you only have to wait until April 5th :) All the other sneak peeks can't be revealed until May!!!!!!!

    Thanks Kebi. I wish I had all the time and funds in the world so all I could do was craft :)

  4. Cant wait to see it!

    Nice blog. U took great photos too! Love everything here :)

  5. Hey girl...I was thinking you could just send my purse to my parents address. They are coming to visit in a few months anyhow, and then you don't have to mess with the whole customs form annoyance at the post office :)

    You have my email address right? Shoot me an email and I'll send you our address! Thanks!!!


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