Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gonna be warm and cozy!

Last week a cold spell passed through and I realized that Miss Madeline doesn't have a jacket or sweater, not that you need them much in Houston. We're going to Perryton for Thanksgiving and it's been known to snow! I browsed some of the local consignment shops, but of course they were all empty - seems I wasn't the only mama missing warm outer wear!! Aiden is set - Gigi picked him up a light jacket and coat on an end-of-season clearance but Miss Madeline was left to be cold :) I had seen the Cute As A Button Jacket Patternbefore at my local quilt shop but never thought much about it until I needed a coat! Oh my gosh, that had to have been the easiest thing I've ever sewn!! I highly recommend this pattern and have no doubt that even a beginner sewer could figure it out! I would suggest adding length - it's really short. Not going to make a huge difference on an infant, but when I make it again in the bigger size, I will be making it MUCH longer. The buttons I got this week at JoAnn's are too big, so I'll have to exchange them this weekend. But how it this??? I used baby corduroy and some snuggly flannel in pink damask! Brown and pink is so shabby chic.

Since it's unsafe, not to mention uncomfortable to have in infant in a coat while strapped in their car seat, I made a Cozie Car Seat Cover to keep in MJ's bucket seat. It's the coolest thing... just snaps in and doesn't interfere with the safety but will keep her warm in the biting panhandle wind!

(How cute is my model?? Would you believe me if I told you that is an original Cabbage Patch?! - yup, that lil lady is 25 years old!!!)

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