Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Adjustable Double Ruffle Headband

I was a tester again for YCMT and was give the adjustable double ruffle headband to try out. It's super easy and adorable -so you mama's with little girls need to check it out once the directions are released. My test isn't completely finished, but I had gotten far enough that I could take pictures and give a review for the author. Madeline was helping me sew tonight and Aiden wanted his picture taken every time I got my camera out. Funny from a little guy that usually runs when he sees the camera! See that doll that Madeline is teething on? I thought I’d try my hand at a Little Whimsy Mae Doll - it seemed easy enough - I even had intended on trying the John Doll Well, I think I’d better just stick with sewing clothing – we’ll leave the doll making to people who are actually good at it! One pig tail was put on upside down and her face is totally not round. I didn’t do so hot in geometry, but I’m pretty sure her face isn’t even a recognized shape!! Alas, Madeline enjoys sucking on it – so I guess not all is lost!!


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