Friday, February 8, 2008

Texas Tech Baby!

I have found a new addiction - it's a DIY website called You Can Make This and it is FULL of wonderful Ebook patterns for the *cutest* things!! I think my wish list is already 3 pages long!! Now that we know we're having a girl I can't wait to sew dresses and girly things - I'm already stocking up on fabrics!! I was browsing through their site looking for ideas to make something for a friend's daughter who's 1st birthday is coming up. I decided to make a Ribbon shirt with applique (my 1st time!!) and Decoupage jeans with
ribbon tabs. Talk about CUTE! I hope Aubrey's mama sends some pictures I can post. It was a fairly easy project - the toughest part was sewing around the cuff of the jeans. They are size 9-12 months - so it's a little tight to turn. I was pricked countless times by all the pins it took to hold the ribbon tabs in place! I had so much fun making this that outfit #2 is in the works for one of Mike's cousins. I'll be sure and post pictures when it's finished!

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