Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Like Mother, like daughter?

Once upon a time my mom was very crafty. She and our neighbor Cheryl always made the cutest Christmas shirts. I can remember watching them iron them on then paint like crazy. Our kitchen was full of paint and cardboard. Of course all 3 of us had coordinating shirts and we usually had pictures made in them. I guess it's no surprise that I've been working on my own kid's Christmas shirts. It doesn't matter that they'll only get to wear them 2 or 3 times - I've still enjoyed making them. I guess I get that honestly. Only I've traded my mom's fabric paints for sewing machines! I did use just a smidge of paint to glue on buttons to Aiden's shirt and I need to put a mouth on his gingerbread man later tonight. They will wear these to have their pictures taken with Santa this week and on Christmas day!


Aiden's shirt in progress. I imagine that my mom's work space looked similiar to this... well, maybe the 1/2 eaten pan of brownies wasn't there.... haha

Aiden's shirt - minus a mouth

Madeline's outfit. She also has an adorable gingerbread bow to match. Well, she will when ever I get it finished :)

This picture is circa 1994 or so.... Yes, we are sporting some of the awesome shirt that my mom made us :)


  1. Sarah,
    I remember how fun it was making those shirts. You and I had the same ones. That was a loooong time ago!!!

  2. I'm sure everything I did was just like you... You were the sister I always wanted!!! I bet I could dig up some great pictures. hahaha!


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