Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mystery project....

What could this be? You'll have to wait to see :) Want to know why on earth I'd even bother to ask? I'm hoping that some one will nag me enough about the answer that I get on the ball and get it FINISHED! Oct 31 will be here before I know it *hint hint*




  1. Ok, Sarah here is my guess. You are going to have an adorable Raggedy Maddie and Aiden. You are so talented! I love seeing all your projects. I can't wait to see this one finished!

  2. alright Ash, either you're really good or you've heard me talk about it!! Yup, gonna have a Raggedy Maddie - that is if I ever get home again!!! (Not making Aiden one though, he's going to be Larry the Cucumber!!)

  3. I was searching for a hospital gown for my daughter and came across your blog. I have printed out the pattern from the website, but I was wondering what size do you believe it is? My daughter is wearing an extra large in maternity clothes. Do you think I need to enlarge the pattern? If you wouldn't mind emailing me I would so appreciate it. thanks so much.

  4. Hi Carol,
    I tried to email you, but your profile is set to private. I wore size med maternity clothes and ended up cutting the pattern way down I I'd imagine that it would fit an xl but I just don't know that for sure.

    Hope it helps some!


  5. I want to see your progress on this! I almost did something similar but my daughter is going to be a fairy instead. No idea what I'm doing with my boys yet!

  6. I'm afraid Raggedy is going to be on the back burner this year. Due to Hurricane Ike our church won't be hosting it's annual Halloween Alternative. Maybe next year....


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