Sunday, June 8, 2008

The ultimate diaper bag

I went through several bags with Aiden but always had a complaint about each one. I searched and searched for something I'd love with Madeline but was never just "blown away" Soo, I just decided to write down my likes & dislikes and make the darn thing myself! So, that's exactly what I did!! It's a adjustable strap messenger with 9 pockets and super cool washable lining. I was feeling extra crafty during my last days of nesting, so it also has a coordinating changing pad, diaper purse and wipe case! I'm super excited about my new custom girly diaper bag!



  1. So cute!! I want one! haha

    Did you find a pattern to start you off and then just go from there?

  2. Hey Stefanie, I didn't have a pattern - I just made it up as I went - talk about a headache!!!

  3. Maybe when the time comes I might be able to convince you to make me one like that! haha

    (oh, thought I should tell you that I'm from AWW and not just some random stranger who found your blog! haha)

  4. That is really adorable. I randomly stumbled upon this blog while looking for a pattern for a diaper bag. Do you have any tips of places I could find a pattern to do something like yours?


  5. Hey Alicia,
    I don't have a pattern for this. I just made it up as I went. I did get an idea as to dimensions from a bag I had but was a bit smaller than I liked. You can see pictures of my idea drawn out by clicking on these links!

    hope that helps some!


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