Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Faux Sakura Bloom Ringsling

I *love* the look of Sakura Bloom Ringslings but I'm afraid Mike may have a small cow if I dropped $320.00 on a baby sling!! So I got together with another mama and we ordered some silk online and just made our own. I bought fabric to make the Green Tea and Whitewater RS (only the whitewater is still available on their site) So far, all I've finished in the Green Tea. I have plans to purchase silk to make Lotsus (which is also discontinued) But it's bubble gum pink, chocolate brown and ivory - beautiful for a little girl!

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  1. Can I ask where you got the silk? Did you find it online? I'm wanting to do a DIY sling as well (I just can't pay the $$ for the SB's either), but am wondering about where to find the right weight/strength silk. Thanks!! All of your things are beautiful, by the way!!!!!


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